Jennifer Vestal

Jennifer Grube Vestal

Associate Dean of Students/Director of Academic Resource Center
Position Type
- Present
accessibility/disability resources, academic support, study strategies, organization and time management

When a student meets with Academic Resource Center staff, our conversation does not focus only on academic classes or “study tips.” Instead, we talk about how all aspects of a student’s life are helping to shape his or her academic experience. Put differently, “when life gets in the way” of being a student, it’s a safe place to talk out options and implications of managing the issue while balancing multiple commitments, an essential life skill. We support students as they develop their ability to set goals, manage competing priorities and self-advocate, so our conversations with students as well as faculty, colleagues and parents reflect the students’ responsibility in developing and navigating their own educational goals.”

B.A. Miami University
M.A. The Ohio State University


Professional Memberships
  • National Academic Advising Association
  • Ohio College Personnel Association (Past President)
  • Ohio College Learning Center Association


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