Cassandra Zaremba

Cassandra Zaremba

Assistant Professor
Position Type
- Present
B.S., Xavier University; Ph.D., Emory University


Cassie Zaremba, an organic chemist, has an interest in the diverted synthesis and structure-activity-relationships of natural products that exhibit antimicrobial activities, specifically antibacterial and antifungal properties.

My research is at the interface of organic chemistry and microbiology. Broadly, my research group focuses on the synthetic analysis of natural products in a diverted fashion. This type of total synthesis not only allows the parent compound to be made efficiently, but also allows for swift production of hypothesis driven analogs that allows us to analyze compounds’ structure-activity-relationships. This means analyzing which functionality on a compound is required for its biological activity. Types of compounds we analyze in my group are those that have metal binding capabilities as well as compounds that potentiate and synergize with current antibiotics.

If you’re interested in applying organic chemistry knowledge to biological problems, I encourage you to email me or stop by to chat!

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