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Ohio EPA awards Denison platinum recognition

Finance & Management Sustainability
October 5, 2020

Denison University’s commitment to sustainability is being recognized by state and national organizations. The State of Ohio’s EPA has awarded platinum-level recognition to the college - one of only four organizations and the single college on the list. The EPA cited Denison “for helping establish the Spring Valley Nature Preserve; creating a guide for establishing solar pollinator habitats in Ohio; helping coordinate community environmental stewardship activities; hosting the Green Energy Ohio annual renewable energy tour; and partnering with Smart Columbus to facilitate regional transportation development.”

In addition, Denison earned a place on both the Sierra Cool Schools and Princeton Review Green Schools lists, on which the college has been a reliable presence for many years.

Denison University has consistently been on the forefront of sustainability efforts. In 1977 the college established the Homestead, an off-the-grid student residential campus. In 1978, Denison’s 350-acre Biological Reserve opened for research and enjoyment, and in 2007 the campus infrastructure began to utilize solar energy, which now supplies about 15% of its energy.

“We are thrilled with the recognition of our work in sustainability,” says Jeremy King, Denison’s director of sustainability and campus improvement. “Denison has been deeply committed to the green movement for literally decades. Every step is important and makes a global difference.”

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