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Kudos from the New York Times for Denison’s Summer Accelerator

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May 27, 2020

This year, when it became clear that students were going to miss out on some job and internship experiences critical to their majors and their career skills development, Denison sprang into action. The university partnered with faculty, alumni and corporate connections to launch a curated suite of free summer programs that provide students with virtual internships, business fundamentals, leadership training and enhanced academic experiences.

“Students can’t afford to let a summer go to waste,” said Denison President Adam Weinberg in a New York Times article about the program.“They need to continue marching toward their career launch.”

Through Summer Accelerator 2020, students have access to various programs by the Knowlton Career Center, the Red Frame Lab for Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship, the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement, and the Community Leadership & Involvement Center. Students can zero-in on any one of numerous interests.

All students, regardless of level of experience, can build critical skills and learn directly from industry disruptors and innovators. The flexible programs can be stand-alone summer experiences or completed in conjunction with a summer job, internship or volunteer opportunity.

Melanie Murphy, director with the Knowlton Center, leads the Essentials of Business module. “There is a lot of excitement around this program, with 45 alumni, parents, and business leaders stepping in to lead the charge,” she says. “The program’s flexibility allows us to engage students from 28 different states, Japan, Ecuador, UK, China, India, South Korea, and Vietnam.”

More about The Denison Summer Accelerator 2020:

For students who are interested in business development, the Knowlton Career Center presents Essentials of Business 2020, a five-week intensive where students gain the practical, résumé-boosting experience highly valued by companies. Students apply liberal arts thinking to commercial problems, connect personally and build their network with influential business leaders in a variety of fields, as they gain skills to prepare for success in four areas: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources & Recruiting, Information Technology & Data, and Marketing & Sales.

For students interested in a virtual internship, the Red Frame Lab presents a five-week hands-on consulting project. Students work on teams to research and provide solutions for a variety of business partners. Participants gain real-world experience while being supported, coached and mentored by staff, alumni and business leaders. By the end of five weeks, student-consultants will have seen multiple business problems through from start to solution.

For students who want to pursue rigorous discussion and debate on a wide range of topics, Denison’s Lisska Center provides a series of summer mini-courses, where students can virtually meet with their favorite professors. Students also can get advance preparation for the GRE or MCAT, and applications to post-graduate programs.

For students who are interested in developing their leadership skills, the Level-up Leadership Challenge gives students opportunities to learn alongside veteran student leaders and alumni who share tips and tricks for building strong teams and getting things done. This seminar is ideal for both emerging leaders in campus organizations and experienced leaders looking to strengthen their club or team.

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