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Students in class

'Parents, let your teens do hard things'

"The work of learning in college is hard," says Prof. Karen Spierling "But the learning parts are meant to be hard. Otherwise, what is the point?"

Grown and Flown

(Bio)sphere of influence

Professor Sarah Supp synthesizes data analytics and biology, creating surprising new ways to research and solve problems.


Economics fuel politics in Tunisia

Prof. Fadhel Kaboub comments on the effect of overlooked economic problems on the political landscape of Tunisia.

New York Times
students performing outside eisner

Curtains up on campuses

Broadway may be closed, but performing and other arts are thriving at some colleges, writes Professor Margot Singer.

Inside Higher Ed
Paul Djupe

Prof. Paul Djupe looks at bias in publishing

Assoc. Prof. Paul Djupe explores bias in academic publishing, asking the question: Have men and women achieved parity in publishing academic work?

Washington Post
Coach Mike Deegan

Coach Mike Deegan Headed for Hall of Fame

Denison Baseball Coach Mike Deegan, NCAC Coach of the Year in 2014, is honored by his alma mater with an induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Sam Cowling

Profile of philosophy professor Sam Cowling

Assistant Professor Sam Cowling primarily focuses his work in metaphysics and the philosophy of science. Read more about his work and his favorite movies.

The American Philosophical Association