Monomoy Place

Monomoy Place is a formal gathering space for alumni, family, and friends. In addition, it serves as a reception setting for artists and the community.
History & Architecture
The building is named after a small Massachusetts island and was built in 1863. Originally the private residence of Dr. A.K. Follett, Monomoy later was acquired by John Sutphen Jones who married Follett's daughter. Jones was well known in Granville and founded the Granville Inn and golf course. Denison bought the home in 1935 to use as temporary housing for women until more residence halls could be built on upper campus. It also was used as a temporary fraternity house. Monomoy was closed and eventually renovated for use as the president's home from 1980 to 2018.
With paintings from the Denison Museum and many furnishings that have been gifts over the generations from alumni and friends of the college, Monomoy Place has been lovingly cared for and often is used for special events at Denison.