Mitchell is home to a 200-meter indoor track, tennis courts, squash courts, a strength room, fitness rooms, an olympic-sized pool, gyms, and classrooms.
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Established 1994

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The newly renovated and expanded Mitchell Center is a popular spot on campus. About 30 percent of Denison’s students compete in varsity athletics, and an equal number participate in club and intramural sports.

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Mitchell was built by John Reid of Harden, Reid and Jahnes of Newark in 1994. The building is made of brick and stone, which is intended to blend with the structures already present in the Physical Education complex. The building is named for Louis A. Mitchell 1957, trustee and fourth generation Denison graduate, who was instrumental in funding the $7.3 million project. Mitchell was a star basketball player while attending Denison and was inducted into the Denison Athletic Hall of Fame in 1975. The Recreation Center houses a state-of-the-art 200-meter indoor track with a balcony; four regulation tennis courts; four competition squash courts; a varsity strength room; a cutting-edge fitness room with treadmill, climbing stair, bike and rowing machines and free weights; a large multipurpose room with a hardwood floor for aerobics and other recreational activities; and networked classrooms.


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Agosta, Stephanie — The Crown Fitness Center 127B
Bailey, Rick — 166
Bertram, Russell — Room 8
Burge, Larry — 215
Butt, Rodney — 166
Caravana, Mike — RG25
Cassell, Carter — 219
Coleman, Maddie — 215
Connor, Laina — 209
Crume, Chris — 017
Daniels, Amanda — 221
Deegan, Mike — 219
Ghiloni, Bob — 216
Gunderson, Dani — 209
Halm, Marti — 231
Hammond, J.R. — 125C
Hatem, Jack — RG20
Hicks, Craig — 212
Hortz, Brian — 206
Jasinski, Kellie — 200D
Kale, April — 200
Lee, Sara — 228
Lindblom, Emily — 200
Lloyd, Kim — Room 9
Londot, Cindy — 231
Lott, Gregory — 230
Mannering, Rory — 200F
Matthewson, Kyle — 122A
McCarthy, Steve — 217
Murphy, Gail — 218
Oprondek, Sarah — 200F
Ozbun, Tiffany — 214
Parini, Gregg — 007
Petro, Michael — 225
Romine, Steve — 140A
Russo, Rob — 224
Scott, Beau — 140A
Scott, Jamie — 207
Slee, Janet — 200
Sullivan, Chris — 223
Tate, Benjamin — 122A
Varnish, Kevin — 223
Wagner, Max — 200C
Whisner, Lynsey — 222
Winters, Eric — 205
Zalesky, Joel — 223

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Coach Mike Deegan

Coach Mike Deegan Headed for Hall of Fame

Denison Baseball Coach Mike Deegan, NCAC Coach of the Year in 2014, is honored by his alma mater with an induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame.