Doane Administration was built in 1895 as the Doane Academy, which closed in 1927 and is now home to administrative offices.
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Established 1895
Style Details French Romanesque Revival
Next time you walk into Doane, pause and look up. Amherst stone trimmings around the semicircular carved arches and columns are intricately carved. There are faces and other oddities—even a crocodile.

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Doane Administration was built in 1895 as the Doane Academy, a college preparatory school that closed in 1927. A gift of William Howard Doane, the building is French Romanesque Revival style in Oakland pressed brick and Amherst stone.

A composer of thousands of church hymns and editor of the Baptist Hymnal, Doane also invented more than 100 devices for woodworking machinery and was a trustee of Denison from 1874 until 1915. He also presented Denison with two additional buildings (the original library and a gymnasium) and his daughters with three more (the present library, Higley Hall and Central Heating Plant).


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Departments, Offices, Programs & Services

Faculty & Staff

Ables, James — 307
Bellani, Raj — 303
Berg, Nancy — 203C
Bishop, John — 303
Bishop, Sue — 304
Boring, Dan — 005A
Brown, Tammy — 204
Buxton, Cynthia — 204
Collins, Yadi — 1st Floor
Cook, Sandra — 1st Floor
Coplin, Kim — 205A
Crowell, Tammi — 1st Floor
Curran, Kim — 203
Davis, Donna — 102
Dougan, Jane — 203
English, David — 204
Gauger, Steve — 001
George, John — 005A
Gepper, Sarah — 307
Jeffries, Beth — 201
Jones, Lisa — 1st Floor
Kaiser, Aaron — 1st Floor
King, Jeremy — 304B
Lewis, Lisa — 1st Floor
Matteson, JoAn — 303
McDevitt, Jenna — 303
Meek, Laura — 1st Floor
Meng, Carianne — 102B
Meredith, Joyce — 202
Parker, Kaye — 1st Floor
Rosato, Yolanda — 1st Floor
Schlatter, Cherie — 3rd Floor
Smith, Samantha — 1st Floor
Specht, Kimberly — 201B
Spence, Trish — 1st Floor
Stone, Janeen — 1st floor
Supp, Michael — 102
Taylor, Elizabeth — 1st Floor
Thorpe, Beth — 1st Floor
Untied, Cathy — 204
Weinberg, Adam — 203
Williams, Alison — 201C