Success 100 ways

issue 01 | winter 2024

You don’t need this magazine to tell you Denisonians are a successful bunch. You can find flashes of Big Red in every pocket of industry, often at the head of the table.

But success isn’t just that, is it?

No, it can take many forms. A hugely important job, sure. But also a cherished relationship. Time with a beloved hobby. A trip around the world, or around the block. A career pivot - and another, and another. For this issue, we explored success through broad categories - entertainers, entrepreneurs, educators - but found that our alums break from the expected in unexpected ways. We’ve got a scuba-diving traveling nurse. An investment banker turned 13-time Tony winner. A retired CIA officer who learned to drive a Zamboni. A love story that survived a homecoming queen and is now marking its 68th year.

If you’re not in this issue, it’s only because we ran out of pages.

With 100 success stories, we’re still about 30,000 short. Please share yours with us at

Published December 2023
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