The Office

issue 04 | winter 2019
Winter 2019 - The Hill - The Office

What’s in your office?

1. Billie Holiday Poster: Mafe has been a jazz fan since childhood (thanks to her parents and their amazing record collection).

2. White Teeth: Mafe read Zadie Smith’s debut novel, White Teeth, in college. Mafe credits novelists like Smith with setting her on the path to becoming a scholar of postcolonial literature and theory.

3. Bronze Figurine: Mafe, an art enthusiast, owns a number of pieces from Nigeria, where her father was from and where she grew up.

4. Pez Dispensers: Her collection was a gift from colleague Fred Porcheddu ’87. Her favorite? Princess Leia.

5. Harry Potter Books: Mafe binge-read the books to see for herself whether the novels really are that good. Yes, yes they are.

6. Poster: Mafe’s new book, Where No Black Woman Has Gone Before, explores the role of black women in speculative film and television. (And it all started for Mafe with Lt. Uhura on Star Trek.)

Published December 2018
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