The Office

The Office
Summer 2018 - Hill - The Office

What’s in your office?

1.  Spicebush: Spicebush seedlings can be found in the greenhouse. They’re ready to be transplanted into the Bio Reserve. It’s part of a long-term project of McCall’s, investigating how this important plant reproduces and survives man-made change. 

2. A Fish. On the Wall.  Years ago a student gave McCall a double-fish wall hanging for good fortune. “It speaks to me because I am an avid fisherman, who is just beginning to explore the waterways in central Ohio.”

3. Ant Sculpture. A leafcutter ant sculpture from Costa Rica reminds McCall of his first research project as an undergraduate with one of his mentors, Mark McKone. “That project and work with Mark greatly influenced my decision to become a college professor.”

4. Shrimp in Glass: A closed glass orb containing brine shrimp, algae, and water.  It hasn’t been opened in at least five years.  “It continues to mystify me, even though I intellectually understand how it works.  It also reminds me of summer when the cold hits us in Granville.”

Published June 2018