issue 02 | summer 2017
Denison Everywhere - Spotted - Summer 2017

Ayers Rock in Australia sure looks pretty, but we’re guessing it doesn’t hold all the nostalgia that Denison’s Hill conjures up for Becky Bates Skeen ’62, Dave Skeen ’62, Tom Martin ’68, and Barb McMath Martin ’69. The weather in January is a little different down under, too. “It might have been 104 degrees in mid-January here,” says Tom, “but at least the persistent little flies didn’t bite.” We’re glad they didn’t come back to the States full of fly bites, and we’re grateful that they remembered their alma mater on their recent adventure. 

Keep an eye out for Denison gear near you—a sweatshirt-wearing alum on the subway, a future alumna in her Denison onesie, or Jennifer Garner ’94 and her Denison tote in L.A.—and snap a photo. We love seeing Denison represented all over the world. 

Published July 2017
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