Once Upon a Time...

Then & Now - Once Upon a Time - Summer 2012

Even though this photo was taken in 1924, it’s remarkable how little has changed in the Village. Sure, those clocks have been removed and that dog is long gone, but the buildings look just like they did nearly 100 years ago—even though the signs out front and the wares inside have changed considerably. The Granville Times was published in the building at right, which later became a book store called The Book Cellar. Now that spot is home to the Kussmaul Gallery. Two doors down is Whit’s Frozen Custard, formerly a gift shop, which moved into the building in 2003 (but pups, even cute little terriers, aren’t allowed inside). The rest of this little strip of Broadway has gone through some changes in identity, too. Victoria’s Parlour, for example, closed last year. Today that building houses the Village’s first Mexican restaurant, Day y Noche.

Published June 2012