On Board

Alumni Society - On Board - Summer 2010

James Anderson ‘85

Who cares if you’re in your 40s and like to spend Saturday mornings watching cartoons with a bowl of Cap’n Crunch? We won’t tell. In fact, we know of one guy in particular, who’s probably a big fan of your fandom. James Anderson, senior vice president of public relations for Turner Broadcasting’s Animation, Young Adults, and Kids Media Group, is the man in charge of strategic communications for the cable television networks Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Boomerang. Cartoon Network alone is watched in nearly 91 million homes across the nation and 160 countries across the world, so we’re guessing you’re not the only one tuning in on Saturday. Before Turner, Anderson was senior V.P. of publicity and public relations for Carsey-Werner, and was the chief spokesman and campaign manager for some of the company’s largest shows including That ’70s Show, Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and The Cosby Show.

Jeffrey Masten ‘86

Jeffrey Masten is a man of words. As associate professor of English and gender studies and the Herman and Beulah Pearce Miller Research Professor in Literature at Northwestern University, he spends his days teaching and researching Renaissance literature and culture, Shakespeare, drama, early women’s writing, book history, and the history of gender and sexuality. Masten earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and prior to teaching at Northwestern (where he has earned two of the University’s top teaching awards), he taught at Harvard University. In addition to studying and teaching English works and gender history, Masten writes about them. He is currently working on his latest book, Spelling Shakespeare and Other Essays in Queer Philology.

Published June 2010