Making the Grade

Making the Grade

You may have heard some of the criticism of, where college students have rated and reviewed more than 700,000 of their professors. Results are skewed, the objectors say; those who post comments represent the extremes. Favorable ratings often go to those who are “hot” or teach easy classes. And yes, a student doesn’t actually have to take a class in order to rate that professor. But rare is the web surfer who browses through the site without a chuckle or at least a sigh. We think it’s rather amusing and sometimes even a bit insightful, so we’re sharing some of our favorite remarks about Denison professors (whose identities we’ll withhold).

 “Greatest teacher to ever live…ever.”
“He’s a role model for me as a teacher myself.”
“…such a sweet little dork.”
“God have mercy on anyone who
takes his class!”
“He has such curiosity about topics,
and it is obvious that he loves learning,
not just completing requirements.”

“Pleeeeeaassse retire.”
“She is helpful and writing papers
for this class was actually easy and
(I hate to say this) fun.”

“[She’s the] first professor I’ve ever fallen for. Seriously.”
“You either love him or hate him.”
“Take him if you are up for a challenging experience. It’s worth it.”
“… shows humility and humanity.
This is what education should look like.”
“She hates you already.”
“I have nothing but the utmost respect for him.
He is a brilliant thinker and a good friend.
I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.”
“He threw an eraser at me, dude.
It almost hit my eye.”
“If you are thinking about taking a class
with him, seriously do yourself a favor and sign up for it.
He’s hard, but definitely fair.
Attendance isn’t mandatory,
but I don’t want to miss his classes b/c they’re so fun.”
“I don’t know what everyone else is really talking about,
but this prof is amazing.”

Published August 2007