issue 01 | spring 2020
Spring 2020 – The Hill – Sports – Finale

This photo captures the exact moment that athletics came to an end this spring at Denison. It was the final out of an inspiring 3-2 softball win over Muskingum. We have had championship seasons cut short and careers abruptly end due to COVID-19,  but through it all, there has been unwavering resolve.

“Though this season abruptly came to a halt, it was special in the fact that I have made so many lasting relationships with teammates and coaches. Denison softball, to me, has meant so much more than just playing a game. One more time: DU! Family!”
—Emilie Fisher ’20 (pictured), softball

“The brotherhood we have fostered on the team is too strong for something like this to break us. I have full confidence in the men returning to carry on the tradition and uphold the standards we have worked so hard to establish. Let’s live one moment at a time … not too far ahead and not too far behind.”
—Mitch Williams ’20, swimming

“Our seniors brought this program to where it is today. Their legacy will undoubtedly carry us through, and I hope they can find some peace in knowing that they have left this program in a remarkable place.”
—Amanda Daniels, Women’s Lacrosse Coach

Published May 2020
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