The Office

The Office
issue 01 | spring 2020
Spring 2020 – The Hill – The Office

1 . A Fresh Perspective: In the midst of her dissertation process, Nemeth found herself frustrated. She was in Columbus when she saw this majestic tree that lived through an urban cityscape. It reminded her that if this tree could survive against all odds, she would be okay.

2. Passing the Baton: This painting was a gift from Nemeth’s mentors David and Janet Greene, co-founders of The Freedom School in Licking County. Nemeth loves the idea that we all have the power to educate. 

3. On Growth: The marimo moss balls were a gift from a student, Annie Fletcher ’20. Marimo moss balls can live for over a century. Nemeth keeps them in her office as a symbol of growth and development.

4.  On Rotation: Projects from Nemeth’s critical pedagogy class are on display in her office. The course asks students to consider the possibility that there’s always something to learn from the people we encounter through life.

5. Tucked Away: In her drawers, Nemeth keeps a copy of her graduation program from 2004. Nemeth was a first-gen student. She remembers that her family was proud, but her dad was exceptionally proud. He grabbed a fair share of programs and handed them out to people like candy. She brought her commencement program back to Denison, because it felt like its rightful home.

Published May 2020
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