Time for a Change

Talk of the Walk - Spring 2016

This magazine is getting a facelift, and we need your input so we get it just right.

I’m going to be honest here and share a little secret. I’m not entirely into this magazine anymore. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job, my colleagues, and the incredible talents of the artists, writers, and designers who work on Denison Magazine, but it seems to me that something about the publication itself has grown a little stale, a little predictable— and I’m saying that about a publication that was redesigned in 2005 to surprise and engage our readers.

I’m very proud of the work this team has done over the last few years covering topics like the American food system, the war in Afghanistan, racism in America, Christianity in politics, even a year documenting the life of the College as seen through Twitter. We’ll continue to do those kinds of stories— the fun ones and the ones in which Denison wades into national conversations—but we’re going to think a lot about new departments and sections and approaches to our stories. Most commercial magazines undergo a “redesign” every five years or so to keep up with reader and industry trends. Our design is more than a decade old. So we’re going to shake it up. Refresh it. Give you, dear readers, something better. (Plus we know that you’re a busy, smart, successful bunch, so we need to compete for your time, not only against those same newsstand publications, but against those other things we’re guessing you have going on: a dog barking at the back door, a child covered in chocolate, email that seems to multiply like little gremlins, and Law and Order reruns.) The point: We want you to want to read this magazine when it shows up in your mailbox. If you don’t, we’re wasting our time and more importantly, yours.

But that means we need your help. In the coming weeks you may be one of 1,000 readers to receive a survey asking what you like (or don’t like) about Denison Magazine. Let us have it—the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly. We can take it. In fact, it’s imperative that our work over the next few months be informed by the people this magazine serves. Everything’s on the table here, from the paper we print on to the nameplate. Even Adam Weinberg wants to know if you’re reading his president’s column.

This is your magazine—we just work here—and we want it to be useful, informative, entertaining, educational, and surprising for you. So even if you don’t receive the survey, and you want to share your thoughts, please do. Call our office at 740-587-8578 or send us an email at denmag@denison.edu. We have one more issue to get into your hands before we plan to launch a new look. We’re excited about ensuring that this magazine evolves with its readership, so keep in touch.

Published May 2016