Good Sports

issue 01 | spring 2015
UnCommon Ground - Good Sports

As the Big Red got set to battle the Kenyon Lords and Ladies in the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships in March, Kenyon President Sean Decatur issued a challenge to Denison President Adam Weinberg: The losing school’s leader had to don the rival’s colors and project the image on social media. When the Denison women came in second and Kenyon placed fourth (Emory took the title), it looked like Decatur was destined to proclaim his Big Red love to all the world, but Kenyon’s men bested Denison by 85 points for a first-place finish, putting the Big Red in the No. 2 spot. In the end, both presidents held up their end of the bargain in a show of good sportsmanship, though Decatur couldn’t help showing a purple tie under his DU sweatshirt, and Weinberg couldn’t help offering this on Twitter: “I may be wearing purple but I am always #DenisonProud.”

This challenge, coupled with the Ice Bucket Challenge issued to Decatur from Weinberg last year, might be the beginning of some pretty interesting bets—our money’s on Denison for the win. 

Published July 2015
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