The Office

The Office
issue 03 | fall 2019
Fall 2019 – The Hill – The Office

What’s in your office?

1. On Display:
Hu has several of his father’s paintings hanging on his wall. Growing up, Hu was surrounded by art in many forms (including the Calvin and Hobbs comic set by his window sill). Hu’s father, Hu Hung, painted more than 1,000 black-and-white oil abstract landscapes, like the one that hangs in his son’s office.

2. Snapshots:
Hu, who went to Yale (notice the cup?) for undergrad,  keeps family and fond memories close. Found all over his office are photos of his family and drawings by his children, who seem to be following in their their YéYé’s (Grandfather’s) footsteps, as well as a poster from Hu’s premiere at London’s Wigmore Hall.

3. In Good Company:
In the corner of Hu’s window sill, is the professor as a young man (just 17!) pictured with the talented Leonard Bernstein, who invited Hu to dinner while Hu was studying at Tanglewood Music Festival.

4. Lego Therapy:
Hu’s favorite way to unwind is to grab a set of Legos and play. Hu is amazed by the intricacy of the sets that are available now—whether it’s the Yellow Submarine set or a favorite, the Millennium Falcon Starship. As a big fan of Lego and Star Wars, Hu (whose nickname for those closest to him is “Chewie”) the combination of the two is, in his words, “nirvana.”

Published December 2019
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