University Communications
A visual representation of the organizational structure of University Communications.

  • Libby Eckhardt, Vice President University Communications & Branding
    (Institutional communications strategy, key initiatives, reputation management, brand strategy, crisis/emergency communications, media relations, advertising)
    • Kristy Bellofatto, Communications Assistant (Office management, VP assistant, project requests)
    • Lori Kurtzman, Associate Vice President for University Communications (Content strategy, Denison Magazine editor)
      • Ginny Sharkey, Director of Institutional Communications (Internal communications, special projects)
      • Mark Pinkerton, Associate Director, Design & Marketing (Graphic design, visual brand management)
      • James Schuller, Assistant Director, Multimedia (Videography/photo)
        • Position Open (Videography/photo digital asset management)
        • Position Open, Social Media Manager (Channel management, content development)
      • Tom Reed, Senior Brand Journalist (Writer/magazine)
      • Theodore Decker, Marketing Writer (Writer/magazine, In the Know editor)
    • Jason Bowles, Director of Digital Strategy (Oversee public websites, web art direction & development, marketing tool assessment & strategy)
      • Brett Hoffman, Senior Digital Designer & Front-End Developer (Web design/development)
        • Jordan Jarrett, Web Developer (Web development)
      • Taby Fogg, Digital Marketing Manager (Digital marketing strategy & campaigns, analytics)
      • Asesha Dayal, Digital Content Strategist (Web updates, architecture, accessibility)
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