The Denison University Archives collects materials in accordance with the Archives Collection Policy.

Records include paper documents, photographs, audiotapes, films, videotapes, scrapbooks, and objects that provide information about the differing aspects of Denison University campus life.

It is the responsibility of the Archives to acquire and maintain the following materials:

Materials generated by Denison University

  1. All publications of the University.
  2. Records of administrative offices and academic departments.
  3. Records of all administrative and academic committees.
  4. Records of student, faculty and other college-related organizations.
  5. Histories of the University.

Material related to Denison University

  1. Publications in which the University is described or mentioned or which provide background for the history of the University.
  2. Biographical and bibliographical information about Denison alumni and personnel.
  3. Personnel records of individual faculty and staff members including: application and resume, appointment letters, employment record, changes of status, significant professional activities, community service, current vitae.
  4. Professional and personal papers of emeritus faculty whose careers were substantially at Denison.
  5. Papers of individual alumni from their student days, selectively.
  6. Papers of distinguished alumni generated after graduation, at our discretion.

Records and papers will be selected for acquisition according to their administrative and/or historical research value. They may come in any form: paper, unpublished or published; photographs; audio and videotapes and films; electronic records, computer tapes, disks and printouts; oral histories, newspapers, clippings; artifacts.

The Archives will not acquire, except in unusual circumstances:

  • Duplicate publications;
  • Publications better suited for the general library collection;
  • Clothing;
  • Large items, better suited for museum display;
  • Moldy or damaged items;
  • Material unrelated to Denison University.

Physical transfer to the Archives; documented by a transfer form, memorandum or letter stating any restrictions; constitutes authority for the Archivist to appraise, arrange, describe and make the material available for research use.

Normally, donations to the Archives will be accepted only if there are no restrictions attached. Whenever appropriate, the library will solicit an additional stipend to help cover processing and preservation costs. The Denison University Archives usually will accept a gift only if there is a reasonable expectation that the gift can be processed and made available fo the use of Denison constituents.

Approved by Michele Tolela Myers, President, September 1990 - Updated 2002 by Heather Lyle

For more information, contact Sasha Griffin

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