The Global Studies Seminar presents Rebecca Futo Kennedy & Max Goldman.

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The Global Studies Seminar presents “Summer Seminar on the Art and Archaeology of Greece” by Associate Professor Rebecca Futo Kennedy and Visiting Assistant Professor Max Goldman.

Kennedy and Goldman will discuss our “Denison Summer Seminar: Art and Archaeology of Greece” for students and faculty interested in Denison faculty-led travel. We will focus on past student experiences, the program and explain how on-site learning works.

Kennedy is associate professor and Chair of Classical Studies at Denison. Since arriving at Denison in 2009, Professor Kennedy has taught a wide range of courses on the ancient world including both Greek and Latin language courses and courses in Greek and Roman history, Greek tragedy, Greek and Roman art, women and gender, and race/ethnicity in the classical world. Professor Kennedy’s research interests include the intellectual, political, and social history of Classical Athens, Athenian tragedy, and identity formation (both gender/sexuality and race/ethnicity) and immigration in the ancient world. Her current research projects include a new book Ancient Identities/Modern Politics on the interaction between ancient Greek and Roman antiquity and modern racial and nationalist identities and articles on poverty and immigration in the ancient Mediterranean and on the myth of “Western civilization”.

Goldman is a visiting assistant professor in Classical Studies at Denison, joining Denison in 2016. Before coming to Denison, he taught at Boston College, UW Madison, and Vanderbilt, as well as teaching summer courses for American college students in Italy for over a decade. His research interests include the Roman comic novel, physiognomy and ethnicity in Greece and Rome, the social status and life of female oboe-players in Athens, and Attic funeral oratory. He is working on a commentary on Attic Funeral Orations with Dr. Rebecca Kennedy, as well as a project on literary parody in Roman literature.

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