Strategic Priorities

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Denison University educates and inspires students to be autonomous thinkers, discerning moral agents, and engaged citizens.

Strategic Plan Goal

Denison University will strengthen its position as a top tier liberal arts college by deepening student learning in ways that enhance student enrollment, student outcomes, and institutional visibility.

Strategic Priorities

1. Expand the Curriculum

  • Develop new academic majors rooted in the liberal arts
  • Invest in the arts
  • Infuse global experiences throughout the entire education
  • Expand Advising Circles as a focal point of the First- Year Program

2. Create the gold standard in professional exploration and readiness

  • Develop a new team-based approach to career exploration
  • Engage alumni and parents
  • Launch best-in-class programs and expand internships and summer research
  • Recapture January and May for professional-skills seminars
  • Offer post-graduation support

3. Focus Co-curricular efforts on innovation, diversity and wellness

  • Establish an innovation lab to create strong programs in civic education
  • Enhance our wellness approach to residential living
  • More deeply embrace all aspects of diversity in our campus community

4. Support faculty and staff as teachers, scholars and mentors

  • Launch and leverage the Center for Learning and Teaching
  • Re-invigorate the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement as a hub for intellectual and scholarly life
  • Strengthen the culture of mentorship and coaching

5. Increase institutional visibility

  • Develop Denison’s brand narrative
  • Educate, excite and engage faculty, staff, students, alumni and parents as ambassadors of the college


Leverage the relationships that are core to Denison’s DNA in order to accomplish these goals.

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