Art21, the contemporary art organization best known for its Peabody Award-winning PBS series “Art in the Twenty-First Century” (2001-present), announces the selection of eleven exceptional teachers who in July 2018 will join its innovative educational program, Art21 Educators.

The Art21 Educators program brings educators from across the U.S., Canada and Mexico together to engage with leading contemporary artists who in past years have included numerous artists such as Leonardo Drew, David Brooks, Aki Sasamoto, Diana Al-Hadid, Laylah Ali, Arlene Shechet, Mark Dion, Janine Antoni, Oliver Herring, and Shahzia Sikander. The 2018-19 Art21 Educators program begins with an intensive week-long series of workshops, lectures, museum and gallery visits, followed by a year of distance learning and meetings through May 2019. This year’s institute is graciously being hosted by the New York Public Library.

(see attached press release)

September 14, 2018