Denison Studio Art had an amazing open house event this December, followed by a holiday gathering for majors and alumni. The Open House provides an opportunity for students to share the work they have made in their classes with a public of peers, professors, staff and community. There were works from Introduction to Sculpture, Introduction to Handbuilding, Introduction to Animation, Introduction to Photography, Installation and Site Specific Art, Introduction to Drawing, Introduction to Printmaking, Introduction to Zines and Artist Books, Junior and Senior Practicum for all to enjoy. Professor Micaela Vivero had works from her Installation and Site Specific Art class in the former Open House building. Vivero states, “This past semester students in Installation/Site-specific Art were able to work in the former Open House as the location for their installations. The former Open House was built in 1940 for Greek life and served as their home on and off until it became the Open House for Spiritual and Religious Life in the early 2010s until 2022. Students in Installation/Site-specific Art were prompted to create installations out of laminated wood and through various mold making techniques. A collaboration with dance students was also part of this experience.”

The gathering for Studio Art alumni was held immediately following the Open House, and we welcomed back alumni from years ranging from 2010-2022. Students were able to hear about what alumni are currently doing, and students shared their interests with alums. All alumni who attended are building successful lives for themselves in the creative industry, non-profit and academic world in Columbus. Studio Art chair, Sheilah ReStack states, “This event is such a fun way to connect students in the major, as well as our alumni. I think my favorite moment was when current students were sharing their goals with alumni and one student said that their goal was to one day be one of the alumni returning for the holiday party for Studio Art.”

January 20, 2023