“Aligning fine art with functional art is the future of our work,” says studio art major and designer Steven Hettrich ‘98.

A recent Sheridan Road magazine article profiled Hettrich and his work as a fine artist and as a functional artist of installed works throughout homes and hotels.

The article notes:

With a reverence for traditional materials (think hand-mixed paints, plasters, and mediums), Hettrich’s work draws upon a strong passion for all things design as well as a deep understanding of the timeless archetypes of art and décor.

“I was always the kid drawing in my free time, especially when I shouldn’t have been—like during class,” laughs Hettrich. “I studied Fine Art at Denison University in Ohio but was hedging a little in college, thinking I’d get a well-rounded education, too.”

Hettrich has been in business for himself since 1998. And while the majority of the work Steven Hettrich Studios does is focused on custom decorative finishes, Hettrich is also regularly commissioned to create paintings for clients on a national scale. His paintings have even been exhibited through two solo exhibitions at iD Chicago.

“What’s the value of an arts education if you’re not going to use it?” says Hettrich. “I had a painting concentration in college and worked on oil paintings. Art is a combination of complex problem solving and deft creativity. I still apply that to my work. With the variety of projects we take on, it requires flexibility and versatility. You have to be willing to fail, adapt, and learn new things.”

September 15, 2022