Pieces of all mediums created by students of all skill levels will be showcased in an open house event hosted by the Studio Art Department. The work will be on exhibit throughout the Bryant Arts Center on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 4-6pm and will represent a semester of work done by the introductory classes for sculpture, animation, printmaking, painting, handbuilding and photography, as well as art created by students in advanced classes.

Rita Costa ‘24 is an art student currently enrolled in Studio Art Chair Sheilah ReStack’s Introduction to Photography class. Though she usually uses paint and pencil to create art, Costa decided to branch out with her camera. “I haven’t had much experience working with photography, and I needed a time-based art credit, so I thought it would be an interesting course to take towards my major and a good skill to learn for the future,” she said.

Though most classes in the Studio Art Department require students to use tools within the arts buildings, photography requires students to get outside and make sure that they are always on the lookout for a good photo.

The course is rather involved, requiring you to be active with your camera pretty much all the time, even when you aren’t actually in class,” Costa said. “I enjoy going out to capture new scenes, as well as learning to navigate the editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop & Adobe LightRoom.

Costa said that the ability to take a good photo is an important skill that, like writing, transcends departments and academic frameworks, saying that “even if you aren’t an art major or a particularly artistic person, knowing how to take a good photo is an important skill to have.” Her work will be on display during the open house, and she is excited for students to see her work and that of her classmates. “It’s always a bit daunting having your work displayed for everyone to see, because you immediately fear judgment, but at the same time it’s exciting to know that you are getting the opportunity to have people respond to your art,” she said.

ReStack urges students to come to see the displayed projects, which will be of all shapes, sizes, colors and skill levels. “It is an amazing opportunity to see the creativity of our students on display,” she said.

Open to the public, however proof of vaccination required.

December 13, 2021