While artist Ariel Baez ‘16 works mainly with photography and film in his art — he also supports fellow artists in his work with the Collective Futures Fund in Boston. “Our goal is to support and fund independent organized, public-facing, artists-centered activities, such as artist-run spaces, collectives, independent research.”

Baez was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, moved to Boston, and made his way to Denison as a studio art major. While at Denison he pursued painting and was the Denison student representative to an annual all-Ohio college art contest. He also interned at the Denison Museum and even helped curate an exhibition. “Working in a museum is similar to utilizing a time machine because objects date back as early as the 15th century, and each object tells a story that you learn as you work with it.”

Baez received his MFA from Tufts University in 2018 and his art was soon back at Denison, featured in a 2020 show curated by Ron Abram and Stonewall Columbus.

Baez has been pouring his creativity into a number of different art jobs, including his current position at Collective Futures Fund, which partners with the Andy Warhol Foundation.

“I really enjoy what I am doing. In the fall of 2020, Collective Futures Fund had the opportunity to give out 40 emergency covid relief grants to visual artists in the Greater Boston area. These grants total $60,000. It’s an amazing opportunity to help give back to artists in the community especially during these crucial times. We are now gearing up to unravel our yearly grants for 2021. Exciting times.”

March 26, 2021