Completing an assignment on sequence and narrative for Associate Professor Sheilah Restack’s Intro to Photography class, Shruti Shankar ‘21 shares her work and says,

“Time passes differently these days, taking on a new kind of flow. I no longer measure it in class periods and time spent in the studio. As the uncertainty of these times threatens to overwhelm me, I try not to look too far ahead.”

Inspired by Uta Barth’s images of light falling on a couch,Shankar was interested in documenting this passage of time and challenged herself to use the formats of a diptych and triptych in the work.

She adds, “I returned to the same spot over the course of a day, documenting the appearance and disappearance of the shadows. I was drawn to the shapes and shadows the light created as it fell through the doors and windows in my home. I was interested in documenting these spaces in an attempt to capture the stillness and latency that I associate with these times.”

Student Shruti Shankar is a BFA candidate and is currently with her family in India.

June 12, 2020