An Exhibition of Denison Student & Alumni Work

Location: Stonewall Columbus, 1160 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43201

Featuring the art of:

  • Kate Aumiller ’19
  • Ariel Baez ’16
  • Tat Cha ’07
  • Al Dilorenzo ’19
  • Ivy Distler ’18
  • Emma Reasoner ’15
  • Armando Roman ’19
  • Shruti Shankar ’21

About Stonewall Columbus:

Stonewall Columbus was founded in 1981. Our goal then was to fight for tolerance, acceptance, and basic human rights for our LGBTQ community. Today, we proudly celebrate Columbus as one of the most LGBTQ friendly cities in the United States.

But, we have seen how quickly threats can reemerge in our community. LGBTQ lives are still threatened at home and abroad. There is more work to be done. We will always remember our history as we build our future brick by brick. We will never stop.

We will be visible, reminding the world that we are strong, vital members of our community.

We will be inclusive, because we know what it means to be left out.

We will be connected, linking needs to resources and people to one another.

We will stick up for everyone in our community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; race, color or national origin; military status; familial status; or disability. And we need your help. Volunteer your time, become a member, get involved. Support Stonewall Columbus and allow Stonewall Columbus to support you.

We will no longer accept tolerance. We will no longer settle for acceptance. In the future, we will achieve a central Ohio where ALL of US thrive.

February 21, 2020