Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs encourage students to view the world from interdisciplinary perspectives.

The International Studies program is interdisciplinary in nature. It encourages all of its students to view the world from interdisciplinary perspectives and to be broadly concerned with social, political, economic, historical, and cultural processes, and the power differentials and links that connect individuals, communities, groups, states and regions across the globe.

Off-campus study opportunities act as a catalyst in a Denison education. They are situated learning that amplifies campus-based classroom learning by extending it into socio-cultural contexts that help foster integration of the habits of consideration, engagement, and intentionality. This, in turn, engenders the practice of informed and empathetic judgment that is the hallmark of a liberally educated person.

Off-Campus Study guides students through the process of dovetailing off-campus study with their broader education in order to realize the full potential of this opportunity. This process instills in students the need to be purposeful about their educational choices, accountable for their responsibilities and behavior, and mindful of their role as a representative of their families and communities.

Jackson O'Gorman-Bean ‘16

Studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France in my fall semester of junior year was so much more than just a ‘French’ semester abroad. I continued my International Studies coursework that consisted of classes dealing with the contemporary social and political climates in France, as well as a courses about the unity and expansion of the European Union taught by an American ex-pat. A history course taught through the exploration of antique monuments and a course on international wine marketing and analysis rounded out my schedule. I enjoyed the balance of learning about big-picture, macro-level ideas and institutions, while still concentrating on topics inherently Provençal.

Rachel Mabie ‘16

In the fall semester of 2014, I studied in Prague, Czech Republic. I was part of the CIEE Communications, New Media, and Journalism program with twenty other college juniors and seniors from a range of US colleges. My experience was unforgettable. I gained proficiency in the Czech language, took classes ranging from media impact in Central Europe to Cold War history, and explored the city of Prague that was relieved of the communist regime only twenty- six years ago. The most memorable part of my abroad experience was my internship at the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty headquarters in Prague. RFE/RL is an international radio station funded by US Congress that broadcasts in regions around the world that face governmental media censorship. As an intern, I got to interact with journalists responsible for reporting truthful news in the Middle East. I interviewed a prominent Ukrainian journalist, Myroslava Gongadze, whose husband was murdered by the Ukrainian government. I gained exposure to the professional field of Communications and External Relations. All in all, I travelled, worked, explored, and challenged myself by living in a country that historically existed just behind the Iron Curtain.

Upon returning to campus, students are encouraged to take ownership for their self-transformation by reflecting on and integrating the personal and intellectual growth they experienced while pursuing off-campus study. This process helps prepare students for a life of continued learning and thoughtful engagement with the world around them.

January 27, 2014