Denison strives to be an exemplary steward of our natural world and a leader in sustainability. We take an intentionally multi-disciplinary approach to sustainability that balances environmental, economic and social responsibility and believe that our approach will support the well-being of the college and the global community beyond.

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Lily Gross '19

Lily Gross '19, fixing the food system

Change-maker Lily Gross '19 is working with Bon Appetit, creating positive change by educating consumers and supporting more sustainable products.

Bon Appetit Management

Solar at Denison

Denison's solar arrays reduce our carbon footprint, and become educational tools.

The Thirst Project

Luke Romick's internship gave him new skills and the chance to work with others-including Jennifer Garner '94-to help people around the world.

Denison Homestead

Alternate living at the Homestead

As Denison's Homestead approaches 40 years, a look at today's alternative living experience, and its lasting impact on students, faculty and the campus.

Columbus Dispatch

Up on the Roof

Watch what a motivated team can do on a fine spring day at the Bio Reserve with 32 solar panels and a sturdy ladder.

Going Green On the Hill

Denison is continuing its active campaign to go green and to be more sustainable.

Backyard Biodiversity

At Denison's 350-acre bio reserve, students are learning hands-on and sometimes knee-deep.