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Cinema students toured studios and met with alumni in the film industry to get a first-hand perspective of life as a filmmaker.

Lula Burke ‘24

The Edge is a way for Denison to better connect to Columbus, and an attempt by Denison to contribute to Columbus.”
via Columbus CEO
WarnerMedia communications executive James Anderson ’85 and Legacy Health President and CEO Kathryn Correia ’79 offer Commencement remarks.
Denison students report on Alina Layman, a US citizen in Ukraine trying to get back to Columbus with her husband and unborn child.
via Columbus Dispatch
Denison journalism students: The buzz about Intel coming to rural Licking County: Even the bees are affected.
via Newark Advocate
“It’s important for all of us to celebrate and protect access to public information,” says journalism faculty Alan Miller.
via Columbus Dispatch
The corporate response to the Russian invasion, wielding ESG – environmental, social, and governance – standards, has been unprecedented.
via vshift
The Columbus Museum of Art announces Denison Professor Terrance Dean has been named the first Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Scholar-in-Residence.
via Art Daily
Denison plans to move the needle in Columbus by attracting liberal-arts majors from around the country to upskill for professional careers.
Maria Taylor ‘19 will run as part of a Boston Children’s Hospital marathon team, to raise $7,500 for children with rare genetic disorders.
via Newark Advocate
Denison University announces the 2022 Commencement keynote speaker: Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz.
Sydney Kistler ’22 loves performing music — and is equally fervent about the business angle of the industry.
Earth Sciences Prof. Erik Klemetti leads students in research on a catastrophic event linked to Native American cultures 1,600 years ago.
via Discover Magazine
Prof. Hanne Blank Boyd comments on a Texas attempt to establish transgender healthcare for minors as “child abuse.”
via LA Times
Pandemic uncertainty has reinforced the need for an adaptable, flexible workforce with the ability to learn. Liberal arts students are one answer.
Professor Sarah Supp synthesizes data analytics and biology, creating surprising new ways to research and solve problems.
DU Prof. Terrance Dean is appointed 1st Aminah Robinson Scholar in Residence.
via Columbus Dispatch
“We have seized the opportunity to create a new model of academic leadership and departmental culture that benefits faculty, staff, and students.”
via Inside Higher Ed