Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
issue 04 | winter 2018
Then & Now - Once Upon A Time - Winter 2018

Three stories tall and surrounded by trees, Old Frame was one of the most distinctive early buildings on Denison’s campus, and current students have been reminded of its significance in the form of the Red Frame Lab, a new hub for campus innovation named, partly, in honor of the iconic building.

Built in 1832 on the original “College Farm,” Old Frame was used for study rooms, dormitories, and housing for staff. The building was considered so essential that it was moved with the College from the estate, located a mile southwest of Granville, to Denison’s current location in 1856. In 1877, the student body demanded a gymnasium on campus, and in 1881 the administration began making alterations to the Old Frame building to serve as a gym. Unfortunately, the building deteriorated rapidly due to lack of supervision and maintenance. It was razed in 1907, and Ebaugh now stands in its place. —Rose 

Published December 2017
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