The New Face of Chemistry

UnCommon Ground - The New Face of Chemistry

When Ebaugh Laboratories replaced the former Chemistry Cottages in 1966, it marked many changes in the way the science was studied. The same can be said for major renovations and the expansion now underway on Denison’s home for chemistry and biochemistry–a project that’s been affectionately dubbed “REbaugh.” As the department’s faculty noted in their plans for the expansion, chemistry isn’t lectured today; it’s conducted by students and faculty together, often on original, graduate-level research. It involves collaboration with other disciplines, such as biology, geosciences, and physics. And advancements require increasingly sophisticated equipment and the flexibility to adapt to new ideas. While construction crews work to create and update classrooms, teaching labs, research spaces, study spots, and even an atrium, chemistry faculty will take up residence in Chamberlin and hold classes in Chamberlin, Talbot, and Olin. But students and faculty can expect to move into their new digs come summer 2011, the date set for Ebaugh’s completion.

Published June 2010