The Office

The Office
Spring 2019 – Hill – The Office

What’s in your office?

1. Tea Anyone?:
The calligraphy on the mug was written by Jiang’s father. Jiang keeps it close by as a reminder of his father’s patience, artistry, and skill.

2. On Display:
Jiang says the abstract painting above his desk is emblematic of his minimalist design taste. Another colorful image  in his office  shows a Vietnamese person with a traditional hat riding a bicycle, but, says Jiang, it is presented in modern semi-abstract form. “I always like the strange coexistence of tension and harmony between modernity and old tradition,” says Jiang, who was born in China.

3. The Start of the Journey:
The tiny sculpture of Athena was a reward for acing a philosophy quiz during his freshman year at Bucknell. Jiang keeps it near as a reminder of how far he’s come.

4. New in New York:
Jiang received his PhD from The New School, a private research university in Manhattan.

5. Trophy Prof:
The pennant is held in place by small trophies awarded to Jiang by his students who asked him to attend the top 50 scholar—athlete dinner with them as their favorite professor.

Published June 2019