Spring 2019 – Hill – Found

This year, Denison held a traditional Day of Giving—a day of Denison contests, videos, and fun. We invited the Denison family to make a gift in support of our home on the Hill. Special thanks to the more than 1,000 Denisonians who participated and helped raise more than $135,000 for the College.

Batter Up
Mad Batter’s bakery on East Elm Street has a treat for you. From cupcakes to croissants, it has it all. The bakery will even take special requests, like, say, a Big Red cake.

Serious Headgear
Looking to add some height and maybe more visibility at a distance? Is your head size 7¼? This is the lid for you. Identical twin and Denison drum major Doug Geiger ’50 wore this spectacular hat in football halftime shows and in competitions through the late 1940s, along with his brother, Don. Later in his life, Doug donated the hat and both brothers’ immaculate uniforms to Denison’s archives. This hat is constructed exactly like a 16” yurt: rounded bentwood framing is covered with stretched animal pelts, in this case, sumptuous rabbit fur. The dyed red ostrich plumes on top would make any rooster proud.

Banker’s Bag
Take Denison everywhere you go with this classically styled (yet multifunctional) bag. Carry your Denison University pride with you on your next trip or when you hit the gym. Grab yours now at

Published June 2019