Bragging Rights: What to say the next time someone asks, “What’s cool about Denison?”

Work in Progress

In April, Denison announced that the Austin E. Knowlton Foundation pledged a gift of $9.3 million to support Denison’s work to create the benchmark program for helping students to transition from the liberal arts into the professions. The gift will create a permanent endowment to support the college’s Center for Career Exploration, which has been renamed “The Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration.” For more information, visit

Bang for Your Buck

The Princeton Review has named Denison to its list of “Colleges That Pay You Back,” aka the nation’s best colleges for students seeking a superb education with great career preparation at an affordable price.

X-Ray Vision

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant of more than $105,000 to Denison for support of research by members of the Denison chemistry faculty. The funds will be used to purchase a powder X-ray diffractometer (XRD) system, which will enhance research capabilities for both faculty and students, allowing them insights into the molecularlevel organization of solid materials.

Top Tier

U.S. News & World Report placed Denison at No. 55 on the list of the 100 Best National Liberal Arts Colleges—one of only four Ohio colleges to be recognized.

Published May 2016