In Memory of David Hallman '14

issue 01 | spring 2014
UnCommon Ground - In Memory of David Hallman '14

The Denison community gathered in Swasey on Feb. 8 at 11:30 p.m. upon hearing the news that the body of David Hallman ’14 had been found in the village after a day of searching for the 21-year old from Erie, Pa. “This is tragic,” President Adam Weinberg told the students. “The strength of our community lies in how we come together in times like these. We are strong in moments of joy and celebration, but we are also strong in moments of sorrow and loss. Tonight we all need to be there for each other.” Counselors immediately were made available for students.

Hallman had last been seen leaving Brews Café around 2 a.m. When his family and friends hadn’t heard from him, his father called the Granville Police Department, who in turn notified Denison, and both GPD and the college launched searches. Hallman’s body was found that night, east of the village, outside a development about a half mile from campus. Authorities believe he succumbed to hypothermia.

We remember David Hallman: A senior majoring in history and minoring in economics, and a friend to many. We continue to keep the Hallman family in our thoughts, and we encourage all who knew David to remember his unfaltering loyalty to friends and family and his ability to always make others smile.

Published March 2014
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