After Work with Denison...Everywhere

After Work with Denison...Everywhere
Alumni Society - After Work with Denison - Spring 2006


Ned Mattimoe ’82, a Charlottesville, Va., resident and pilot for United Airlines, regularly makes the jaunt from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco with rare occasion to visit with anyone during his layover. But on Wednesday, Jan. 25., he heard about a gathering of Denisonians less than a mile from his hotel, so he strolled over for some friendly chit chat. “Unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone I knew from my era,” he said, “but I did get to meet some recent alums, and I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say about Denison today.”

The Golden Gate City wasn’t the only place Ned would have found a Big Red round-up on that particular evening. Since after-work gatherings are some of the most popular alumni events outside of Granville year in and year out (gee, we wonder why…), the Alumni Affairs Office decided to test this phenomenon at exponential proportions this winter by organizing an event called “After Work with Denison…Everywhere.” The tradition held true, as more than 700 people enjoyed casual conversation, networking, and just plain fun at Denison Club events in 29 cities across the country. As the Denison Clubs program builds on the success of this first nationwide event, watch these pages and for other exciting opportunities.

Another time, another place
Several members of the Pittsburgh Club returned to Granville in November to see The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestrata take the stage in Swasey along with their resident conductor, Dan Meyer ’94… Dallas area alumni flocked to the Dallas Museum of Art for “Thursday Night Live,” enjoying jazz, art, and each other… In Washington, D.C., a lively group of alumni and parents came together to hear current students and Professorof History Don Schilling talk about why “It’s (Still) a Great Time to be at Denison!”

Published March 2006