An Age-Old Tradition in the Information Age

An Age-Old Tradition in the Information Age
Alumni Society - An Age-Old Tradition - Spring 2006

A couple of years ago, George Bodenheimer ’80, president of ESPN Inc. and ABC Sports, was back on campus speaking to a large group of students. He offered them solid reassurance, not just in the quality of the education they were receiving at Denison, but also in the cohesive power of the alumni community they would soon be joining. “The Denison network is real, it’s out there, and it works,” he said. He went on to explain that, yes, in some cases this network results directly in jobs, but in others it offers the sharing of information, experiences, and the power of collective wisdom.

That Denison network—a tradition of generations—has been recognized and encouraged with great pride by folks here on the hill. And this year, the offices of Career  Services and Alumni Affairs have joined forces to help the network hit its stride in the 21st-century with the launch of “the Denison careerNET.”

This online community will be a place where alumni can connect and share information and experiences regarding their respective professions. For those who are well-established in their careers, careerNET will be a place to volunteer your invaluable insight and advice to younger alumni—perhaps like other Denisonians may have done for them—or even possibly discover new talent or business opportunities. For younger alumni just starting out, or for those who are considering a career change, careerNET will give access to the wisdom and knowledge of successful professionals.

So, here’s how careerNET will work:
Beginning in March, alumni who would like to share their experience and advice can log in to www.denison. edu/careernet using the “D number” that appears above their name on the Denison Magazine mailing label. They can then create a profile which includes information such as professional achievements, interests, and activities. Once 500 alumni profiles have been completed, Alumni Affairs and Career Services will open careerNET to advice-seeking alumni and students.

 For more information about Denison careerNET, please contact Director of Alumni Affairs Sandy Peeler Ellinger ’65 at, or Director of Career Services Pamela Allen at

Published March 2006