Now, That’s Love

issue 03 | fall 2013
UnCommon Ground - Now, That’s Love

On June 30, Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies Jill Gillespie and Denison Librarian Roger Kosson got married. Beyond their love for each other, the couple has a passion for public radio. And Kosson’s vows showed it. When their wedding day came around, Kosson stood before family and friends to profess his love in a way only an NPR fan could. Kosson, it seems, would rather be with Gillespie than “have a bagel with Peter Sagel” or “strawberry jello with Bob Mondello.” And on he went—so much so that NPR picked up on the story and posted portions of Kosson’s vows on one of its blogs. “Congratulations to Kosson and Gillespie on their wedding,” wrote Matthew Butler. “We are sure a relationship built on common interest such as public radio is bound to be wonderful.”

After declaring that his love for Gillespie far surpassed his passion for certain movies, singers, and restaurants, Kosson had this to say:

I love you more than I’d like to have:

A bagel with Peter Sagal

Sushi with Yuki Noguchi

Tabouli with Neda Ulaby

A samosa with Maria Hinojosa

Veggie lo mein with Renee Montaigne

A Greek Eats gyro with Ari Shapiro

A Don’s Hamburg with Susan Stamberg

Cincinnati chili five-way with Don Gonyea

A Zingermans reuben with Jeffrey Toobin

A fresca with Mike Pesca

Mint iced tea with Peter Overby

Salt water taffy with Ina Jaffe

Whit’s ice cream with Diane Rehm

Strawberry jello with Bob Mondello

And a chocolate malt with Chana Joffe-Walt.

I love you more than I’d like to have an Italian meal of:

Pasta fazooli with David Bianculli

Ravioli with Sylvia Poggioli

And a cannoli with Jim Zarroli.

Now, we’re just wondering when Kosson will be offered a job teaching poetry.

Published October 2013
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