Hal Holbrook '48

Where Are They Now - Hal Holbrook '48

Hal Holbrook ’48 has been mighty busy out there in Beverly Hills. The 85-year-old seems to be getting as much media attention as Lindsay Lohan these days, but without all of the offscreen drama. He entered living rooms in September as a recurring character on NBC’s The Event, and he made a guest appearance on Fox’s Sons of Anarchy. But if you’re needing a little dish of Hal on the big screen, stay tuned for his 2011 flick, Water for Elephants, in which he plays the “older” version of Jacob Jankowski, a gent who joins a traveling circus as the show’s vet. The “young” Jankowski, by the way, will be played by Robert Pattinson, that vampire from the Twilight series, who had teenage girls everywhere hoping to travel to the dark side with a bite on the neck. Dreamy or not, Pattinson has plenty to live up to as he works alongside Holbrook, a Tony- and Emmy Award-winner and an Oscar nominee.

Published November 2010