That Old '54 Chevy

Alumni Society - That Old '54 Chevy

Even though he wasn’t allowed to have his beloved ‘54 Chevy on campus until he was a sophomore, Elliot Trumbull ‘57 made sure that in his remaining three years at Denison, it was there for plenty of shenanigans.

The Chevy (pictured here in the 1957 Adytum) provided cool shelter for refreshments at pick-up softball games and a space for the players to pack into when it unexpectedly started to rain. Trumbull almost never drove it during the week–having to spend all his time studying, he says–but he and his friends often would use it on the weekend to drive to Newark or Columbus. “We used to joke that Columbus was like New York City,” said Trumbull. “When you had a date, you would drive her to the big city to show her a good time.” One such adventure in the Big City, Trumbull recalls, was to see an up-and-coming rockabilly artist named Elvis Presley.

Published November 2010