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For a week in June, creative high school students gathered on campus for the 16th annual Jonathan R. Reynolds Young Writers Workshop - a program made possible by a gift from playwright, Jonathan Reynolds ‘65 and led by Denison English faculty, a handful of alumni, and program director Margot Singer. The scribes filled their days with writing, reading, and critiques as they explored poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Here’s a taste of what these up-and-coming writers can do. For more visit reynolds.denison.edu.


“At Peace by the Sea”

by Uriah Robinson

I was standing, casting a gaze upon the ocean. In all its frightening beauty.

The grey skies loomed over me, predicting an oncoming storm.

A salty breeze billowed through my hair, against my face.

It smelled like home.

The ocean became restless–waves gaining momentum now.

The somber yet peaceful dead silence, trickled into soft music–the sound of the tiniest of waves clashing against the rocks …

They grow bigger now.

Their soothing lullaby, now an uproarious chant. It’s mesmerizing.

I shut my eyes

Let the delicate rain dampen me

And know that I am where I want to be.

At peace by the sea.

Published November 2010