Join Us in TheDEN

In August, Denison unveiled a brand-new website called “TheDEN,” the destination for the college’s latest news, stories and ideas.

TheDEN ( feels a whole lot like all those sites you go back to again and again:,,, or, ahem, (Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss.) You can e-mail stories or share them on Facebook and Twitter; you can see what stories other Denisonians are digging most; and there are videos and snazzy photo galleries aplenty.

But theDEN’s real killer app is its content. Start out in the “Academics & Research” section to find out what’s happening in Denison’s classrooms, labs, and studios. Or head over to “On Campus” for a taste of life around the Hill. “Beyond Campus” lets you know how Denisonians are making a difference in the wider world, while “Voices of Denison” shares the passions and perspectives of Denison community members, often in their own words.

Okay, so why call it “TheDEN”? Because the hope is that it will be a familiar-feeling place where you can get comfortable and lose yourself for a while in some really cool stories. For that reason, we hope you’ll keep coming back.

Published November 2010