Names & Faces

Names & Faces

For much of the past year, the college conducted careful searches for two wise and seasoned pros who will help guide all of the living and learning that goes on around here. With many thanks and huzzahs to our fine colleagues who ably steered their ships as new skippers were sought, it is our pleasure to introduce…


Bradley Bateman, the person who…

…previously served as associate dean at Grinnell College

…graduated from Alma College and received master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Kentucky

…knows more than you can imagine about John Maynard Keynes’s economic thought

…wrote the book Keynes’s Uncertain Revolution

…has presided over the History of Economics Society

…received 33 smiley reviews on

…is husband to Sheryl and father to Thomas 19, Henry, 15, and Lydia, 10

…looks great in any of his 100 bowties (especially the Denison one)

Dean of Students

Laurie Ann Neff ‘81, the person who…

…previously served Randolph-Macon College as dean of students …earned a master’s degree in higher education administration from Ohio State University

…received the University of Richmond’s “Unsung Hero Award”

…was lauded for outstanding service toward the development of women by the American College Personnel Association

…returns to Denison as a former assistant to the college’s deans of student life

…began her career as a head resident in Curtis West

…enjoys practicing calligraphy

…is the mother of Meredith, 14, and Heather, 11

Here’s one of the Denison community’s best kept secrets: Every former student of the college, degree or no, is able to register for his or her own alias email address–that is, a forwarding address with a simple, consistent format that allows people to contact Denison alumni without knowing their actual contact info. It’s an e-mail address but not an e-mail account. This alias, based on your name as a student and your class year, is permanent. It won’t matter if you move, get married, whatever–there’s only one email address that your friends, family members, or others will ever need to know: (or But remember, this is a forwarding system. It doesn’t work if we don’t have your actual current email address in our database. So get to and give us your current information (unless you’ve already done so, in which case your alias is already active). And if you change your Internet service provider, please be sure to update us.

Published November 2010