Ahhh, College Life!

Ahhh, College Life!

When it comes to having fun around Denison, a few pastimes might readily come to mind–parties, athletic events, plays, concerts, and the like. But when we asked students what they do for a good time, they offered some rather interesting, resourceful, and (to them, at least) fun responses. Here are 25 suitable for public consumption.

    1. Play miniature golf through the halls of BetaHouse.
    2. Hike, jog, or bike through Denison’s Bio Reserve.
    3. Ride the bull at Buckaroos bar parties!!
    4. Sit by the window of (insert East Quad dorm here) to do some serious people watching on a beautiful spring afternoon.
    5. I love to walk down the hill, get a coffee at Village Coffee and walk around Granville and look at all the pretty houses.
    6. I hang out with friends at Granville’s Lake Hudson, where we swim, lay on the beach, and grill dinner.
    7. Go see comedians perform at The Roost.
    8. Prank call freshmen.
    9. Pick up a bunch of random ingredients from the grocery store, throw them into the blender, and drink whatever combination you end up with…most appetizing combo wins.

    1. This may sound dorky, but I spend a lot of time at the Writing Center. I work there, but I also enjoy going up there to socialize or study. My coworkers are really fun people and I get to meet a lot of other students who come in for tutors.
    2. Go see visiting talents such as Third Eye Blind and Recycled Percussion!

    1. In the wee hours of any given Saturday, spend the first 45 minutes of quiet hours Instant Messenging friends about the night’s events.
    2. Take up an evening game of Ultimate Frisbee during the annual Naked Week.
    3. Be part of the crowd that watches a handful of wackos play Frisbee during Naked Week. The real fun starts when campus security takes pursuit.
    4. Hike Licking County’s Black Hand Gorge, where lush forests line a meandering stream that has carved a gorge in the rock face. There are numerous paths you can hike, ranging in difficulty, but not in beauty.
    5. Sometimes a friend and I will go to the park and watch the kids playing. It’s really relaxing, especially near dusk when it’s quiet. You forget that you’re still a college student with three papers due the next week.
    6. On nights that my friends and I really feel like getting out, we go down to Columbus’s Short North for Gallery Hop or go dancing at one of the clubs or check out independent films.

  1. I enjoy taking my girlfriend out to see all the cornfields.
  2. Play the 18-hole Frisbee golf course in Alexandria.
  3. Take the top off my friend’s Jeep and cruise down a country road, blasting our favorite music. Nothing beats the thrill of wind blowing in your face as you scream and celebrate life with your closest friends.
  4. Go to a concert at one of Columbus’s many great venues, or to a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game. Tickets aren’t too expensive and the games are a blast.
  5. My friends and I like to go to River Road Coffee House a lot. It’s a great place to study or just hang out and enjoy the java!
  6. Drive around Newark trying to spot the guy who seems to be constantly jogging with a “Jesus Loves You” sign in his hand.
  7. Gather a few friends in the residence hall lounge and pop in a movie. Watch how the crowd triples in size.
  8. Hold a digitalcamera scavenger hunt. Shots in the 150-point category include human pyramids over the seal without touching it; freshmen laying on the grass to spell out a word; fixing your own food at Taco Bell, rolling down Mitchell Hill.

Published November 2010