The Gordon Lecture Series welcomes Amelia Taylor, presenting "Data Did That!"

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The Gordon Lecture Series welcomes Chief Data Scientist at Zymergen, Inc. Amelia Taylor, presenting “Data Did That!”

From robots to Facebook, medicine, and shopping, data is a driving force in the world around us. How does this work? How do we store all that data and where does it come from? How do we transform data into Alexa, friend recommendations, computers that play games better than humans, advertising about items we didn’t even realize we wanted to buy, and robots that genetically engineer microbes to make natural products? We will answer these questions with a focus on the impact of these methods on our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning have all become buzzwords in the media. On our journey we will learn what these mean, how they are related, and where classical statistics fits into this story.

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